Build Pro Construction: Build Pro Construction in Centurion.
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Buildpro Construction was formed in 2008, and has been expanding ever since. Our business model is built upon the extensive experience acquired after many years in the construction industry. We mainly specialize in up-market residential housing.


Our passion is to build and create your vision. We sit down with each client to fully understand every aspect and specification of their home, then we do it. We believe in open communication channels and honest business practice to make every development project we start, a finished and aesthetic success where your new memories can be made.



Convert your dream home into a physical reality by giving you access to our extensive connections in the construction industry to deliver your goals on time and within budget.



Through a full turn key residential property development solution with designated Project Managers to handle the entire operation, so you don’t have to.



At Buildpro Construction we believe in building beauty through embodying your vision and utilizing our professional skills.

We offer a unique solution to our clients unlike any other in the South African market. It is cost effective, time-based and hassle free. Where we differ from any other business is that we feel it is our duty to educate potential clients and guide them with a full turn key solution from design, finance, approval, construction and occupation. BP Construction has removed the outdated and lengthy process that would diminish your budget before the project even starts.


At Buildpro Construction we personally consult with potential clients to ascertain a solid brief. Depending on the size of the project determining the time to construct a proposal that includes all the costs. This saves the client both time and money because it means they don’t have to buy a stand before understanding the full scope of the project. Our solution allows for the client to focus on their day-to-day, not running around wasting a precious resource like time trying to get their building project off the ground. We manage their risks and expectations in a proven business model that flips the industry norms and procedures on its head giving the client much more control.

At BP Con having a technical passion for architecture is shared across every department. It’s through our passion and love of creating exquisite buildings that make assisting and understanding every clients’ needs so fulfilling.


We focus on saving the client the most important commodity… time! We achieve this with every project because we combine years of experience and utilise our very own project structure that incorporates the following steps:

  • Initiation
  • Design & Planning
  • Execution & Control
  • Closing


At Buildpro Construction we go beyond and above to deliver every client a home that is a luxurious living space, crafted in design innovation, always aesthetically ambitious and just for you.