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Buildpro Construction

Buildpro Construction

I had finished a property in January 2017 and Buildpro Construction was the contractor. Contrary to my previous experiences with other contractors in the past this was a highly satisfying project and I actually found the process enjoyable.

The end product was of the highest quality and far exceeded my expectations. Chris is a perfectionist and he does not tolerate substandard work. He was closely involved in the project and made sure that any issues were dealt with promptly and efficiently.

What differentiates Chris from other contractors is the fact that he communicates very well. At all times did I know what was happening and my queries were responded to very quickly. I was on site every day to inspect the days work. When I had picked up something that bothered me Chris was already aware of it and it was addressed immediately.

I am a difficult and demanding client. In all of my interactions with Chris he has always been friendly and professiona. All my concerns were addressed through timeous and detailed communication. Site meetings were conducted on a regular basis. Minutes were taken and action items recorded. A detailed project plan was available.

A lot of additional work was done by Chris that were not in the original specifications. All of this was done by Chris at his own expense without any complaint. All snag items were fully resolved by Chris. They were even willing to address other issues that I had raised even long after the conclusion of the project quickly and without any cost to myself. Even though I have lived in the property for a while now I am still confident that Chris will resolve any problems that might come up.

I did not know Chris before the start of this project. Normally the builder and the home owner part as enemies at the conclusion of such a project. In this case the project went so well and the end product is so amazing that I actually consider Chris to be a friend.

I can highly recommend Chris and his efficient team to you.

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