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Execution and Controlling

Step 3 | Execution and Controlling

Building the structure with the clear understanding of the end product is vital. Maintaining high quality standards,understanding budget and following strict time lines are crucial and fundamental values of Buildpro Construction.


A lot of time and resources are spent in planning the construction phase, predicting any hindrances and creating contingencies that might arise which in turn may result in a delay of the project. This phase is vital to ensure proper execution of the end product. We have hands on supervision and highly qualified site presence with dedicated project managers assigned to each project.


Controlling and procurement in the construction phase is another vital leg to the success of a well executed project. We have dedicated staff to focus solely on that, vetting only the highest quality specialist where required. Each supplier is scrutinized to ensure progress and quality satisfaction.


The following points are some of the aspects we will cover in the Execution and Controlling phase;


-Dedicated Project Managers

-Dedicated Site managers

-Vetted Specialist appointments

-Skilled labour

-Weekly progress reports

-Procuring Quotations

-Dedicated Cost controlling

-Health and safety compliance

-Obtaining occupation certificates

-Site projects meeting

-Structural Guarantees