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Step 1 | Initiation

The initiation phase begins with an idea or dream from the client or investor, Buildpro Construction will assist in the feasibility of the project.

It is important for us to understand the scope of the project and the budget. This refers to the identifying the type of development, be it commercial or residential, the style, bottom line investment as well as the expected time lines for completion.
Once we establish these initial understandings, then we assist in a preliminary costing model and recommend different options to cater for specific client or investor needs. We specialize in structuring bespoke packages to cater for any needs the client or investor might have.

The following points are some of the aspects we will cover in the initiation phase;

-Acceptable locations, stand value and orientation advice
-Financial needs and costing analysis
-Pre qualification assistance
-Area recommendation wish list
-Preliminary project price
-Preliminary project scope statement
-Building permits and zoning identification